Sold Horses



Op’s Gold Nugget (Rebel)- 9 year old registered SSH and TWHBEA gelding

Rebel left June

Duke- 8 year old buckskin gaited gelding
Duke right nov head down

Lincoln- 2.5 year old palomino KNGHA gelding

Lincoln right angle

Pilot- 8 year old Kentucky Mountain gelding

Pilot at trailer2

Touch Golden Chance (Chance)- 7 year old registered TWHBEA buckskin gelding

Chance right2

Armed Prince Glory (Tike)- 2 year old registered TWHBEA palomino colt

Tike left

Frosty River Blues (Scout)- yearling registered TWHBEA true blue roan colt

One Bad Allen (Tango)- 4 year old registered TWHBEA buckskin tobiano gelding

Trav’s Ebony Dream (Traveler)- 5 year old registered TWHBEA buckskin gelding

Moonlight’s Royally Traced (Trooper)- Yearling registered TWHBEA black overo gelding

Yellow Vanilla GD (Twist)- 8 year old registered TWHBEA dapple buckskin tobiano mare

One Bad Allen (Tango)- 4 year old TWHBEA buckskin tobiano gelding

Scotty- 4 year old palomino Kentucky Natural gelding

Sammy- 4 year old blue roan Kentucky Mountain gelding

Max- 6 yr old TWHBEA black roan gelding.  Yes- I bought him back and found him another great home.

Dillon- 9 year old black and white tobiano TWHBEA gelding

Drifter- 6 year old gold champagne TWHBEA gelding

Cisco- 3 year old buckskin tobiano KNGHA gelding

Bullet’s Golden Ace (Ozzie)- 5 year old dapple palomino TWHBEA gelding

Tyson’s Too Tuff- 4 year old blk/wht tobiano KNGHA gelding

Bojangles Black Gold (Bo)- 4 year old dapple palomino TWHBEA gelding

Truly Maximum Pusher (Max)- 4 year old black/gray roan TWHBEA gelding

Max after show

Yellow Vanilla GD (Twist)- 5 year old buckskin tobiano TWHBEA mare

Twist face

Lonesome Over Me (Bill)- 4 year old bay roan KNGHA gelding

Bill right side yard

Hidalgo in the Sky (Vegas)- 3 year old sabino SSHBEA gelding

Beemer’s Escape- 6 year old blk/white TPHA gelding

Scotch- 4 year old strawberry roan sabino TWHBEA gelding

Scotch after trail riding

Flint- 4 year old gray TWHBEA gelding

Flint left

Riley- 2 year old golden palomino TWHBEA mare

Riley right side

Mocha- 3 year old buckskin and white tobiano TWHBEA mare

Mocha at fence

Eli- 6 year old black and white NSSH gelding

Eli August

Skip- 3 year old bay roan tobiano TWH gelding

Skip July

Wiley- 6 year old buckskin tobiano Spotted Mountain gelding

Wiley cropped

Magic- 4 year old TWHBEA/SSHBEA/NSSH gelding

T-Bone- 7 year old dapple palomino TWH gelding


Missy- 5 year old black sabino TWHBEA mare

Toby- 3 year old dapple gray TWH gelding

Toby at benefit ride

Lillie Anna- 3 year old classic champagne TWH mare


Clue- 3 year old blue roan TWH mare


Hank- 3 year old palomino TWH gelding


Pearl- 3 year old black roan sabino TWH mare


Sky- 3 year old blue roan TWH mare


Rebel- 3 year old palomino tobiano TWH/ SSH gelding


Thunder- 6 year old gray roan sabino TWH gelding


Crush- 3 year old palomino tobiano TWH mare


Jazz- 5 year old palomino TWH mare


Spicey- 4 year old chestnut roan TWH mare


Jetta- 3 year old Racking horse mare


Indy- yearling palomino TWH mare


Dixie- 5 year old grulla APHA mare (the last non-gaited horse we owned)



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