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Hidden Acres TWH started in Tell City, Indiana as a small-scale farm specializing in registered gaited horses.  After several years of buying, selling and training-  life happened, I sold out and moved. After settling in to Otwell, Indiana, the business was on again, but at a much smaller scale.  I am not able to have more than a couple of horses for sale at one time.  I primarily handle Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle horses, but I will never turn down nicely gaited horses of various other breeds. Working with the horses is my hobby and I am not trying to get rich in the horse industry. I am the only rider and tend to do most of the horse handling myself…I know my horses well and feel I do a better job by keeping limited horses around.

I work hard to offer safe, sane, sound and well-broke horses to riders with different experience levels. All of my horses are easy to handle, personable and naturally gaited. In addition, I try to offer horses with the bonus of flashy colors. All of my horses are wormed regularly and are given regular hoof care.  They are watched closely to make sure each horse is happy and healthy.

I have always stuck to the idea that I will ONLY purchase a horse that I would be proud to ride, handle and look at as a keeper for myself. Doing so tends to put me in situations where I want to keep them all. Any horse that I own has plenty of daily one-on-one handling and attention.  I pride myself in having gentle, friendly horses who WANT to be around people, yet are respectful and easy to handle.  All of my horses are accustomed to riding out alone on trails or roads without behavioral issues.  They are not the type of horses that need ridden every day to stay broke and sane. 

Happy buyers and repeat customers are what I strive for.  I try to match each horse with the best person possible and will not take any chances at the expense of getting the horse or rider hurt.  I will not misrepresent a horse just to make an extra dollar.  If you are considering one of my horses, vet checks are always welcome at the potential buyer’s expense and references from past buyers can be provided.  Most of the horses I sell are to out-of-state buyers.  I can supply the names and phone numbers to many reputable transport companies if you are not able to haul the horse yourself.

If you do not see a horse on the site that interests you, please contact me regarding what you are looking for.  Due to my circumstances, I can not have many horses for sale at one time, but I do have several friends who may have a suitable mount.  I could possibly have a horse for sale that is not listed on this site or I can assist in finding you the perfect horse.


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